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Made in the USARISE Building Products has been developing technically advanced, affordable, synthetic fiber building products since 2005. RISE Siding and RISE Trim products perform exceptionally well in all climates, and under even the most wet, arid, and severe freeze / thaw weather conditions. RISE synthetic siding and trim products are durable, and can be worked as easily as wood, making RISE Building Products the ultimate performance leader. RISE Building Products are made in the U.S.A.

Introducing RISE Siding and Trim

The key to the positive performance of all RISE synthetic products, including RISE Siding, and RISE Trim, which feature RISE Technology, is the use of various synthetic fibers as core ingredients. The natural fibrous properties of wood gives it the strong and sturdy qualities that have made wood the most trusted building material for decades. RISE Building Products also use a fiber construction, however, it uses synthetic fibers (polyester and nylon), and other plastics, intertwined throughout the length of the boards to give RISE synthetic products exceptional strength and sturdiness.

In addition, and unlike wood, our synthetic construction process protects RISE Siding and RISE Trim from moisture, freeze / thaw cycles, and decay.

Engineered to Perform

The advanced technology of synthetic fiber-based RISE Building Products makes our siding and trim wood replacement products look and feel just like real wood.

They're also more capable of holding up under all weather conditions, including high moisture, and severe freeze / thaw condition, because, like plastic, they'll outperform wood, OSB and fiber cement products.

RISE Siding is available in 20' lengths, making it ideal for long runs with minimal seams, and significantly reducing waste.

RISE Siding and Trim have unique values that make them the perfect, affordable, high performance products for all types of weather environments.

RISE Siding and Trim Performance Characteristics:

  • Decay and rot-resistant, including ground contact
  • Minimal expansion and contraction rates
  • 2-sided water protection (front and back)
  • Resistant to freeze / thaw issues
  • Looks, feels and works just like real wood
  • Non–toxic
  • Participant in circular economy
  • RISE Siding available in 20' length with minimal seams; reduced waste
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Synthetic Wood

"Every once in a while new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation."

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