A brand new approach

RISE Building Products is a proud participant of the circular economy. We take natural resources, and the environment, very seriously. Our patented new approach toward manufacturing – RISE™ Technology – allows us to create a long-term durable wood replacement product that looks and feels just like real wood and helps sustain our environment.

Addressing the challenge of our global community.

RISE Composite Technologies is one of the largest users of recycled carpet synthetic fiber in the United States. RISE works with state and industry partners help us source synthetic carpet and industrial fibers for our patented new approach toward manufacturing. The result is long-term durable synthetic wood replacement products that look and feel just like real wood, and that help sustain our environment. 94% of RISE Siding, and RISE Trim, is made from recycled carpet fibers and other plastics.

RISE Trim Protects the Environment

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Key environmental legislation drives the basis for RISE technology:

  • Carpet disposals occupy approximately 3- 4% of the total volume in our landfills
  • 4,000,000,000 lbs. of carpet are placed into landfills every year, and an additional 9,000,000,000 lbs. of carpet is sold in the US every year
  • California's Recycling Agency state law, and the California Carpet Stewardship Plan, requires diversion of all carpet from California landfills.
  • Additional states in the Midwest and Eastern United States are considering similar laws to require carpet diversion from the landfill, creating a massive raw material platform and consumption requirement.
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Protecting the Environment

"The greatest and most rewarding challenge in environmentalism is figuring out how builders and homeowners can meet their goals and needs while protecting the environment."

Attributed to Gale Norton
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