RISE Trim is a breakthrough synthetic product that looks and works just like real wood, and is second to none in aesthetics and durability.

RISE Trim, featuring RISEā„¢ Technology, is available pre-finished in Porcelain White, and comes in a vertical wood grain finish. Touch-up paint kits are available for RISE Trim.

RISE Trim was developed by the research team at RISE Composite Technologies to address the many challenges faced by carpenters and building professionals every day.

RISE exterior trim is aimed at impacting our environment in a positive way, while also delivering quality and value. RISE addresses the problem of waste management in the home goods industry, and turns a negative into positives for homeowners, contractors, building professionals, and building materials distributors alike. And it will do so at a competitive cost for all.

Simply request a sample of RISE Trim and experience the wall-to-wall benefits for yourself.

Please return to risebuildingproducts.com often, as we'll be adding information about companion products, and sharing on-going updates.

RISE Trim Sizes:

RISE Trim available sizes and colors

Performance Comparisons:

RISE checks all the boxes

Product availability varies by region. Please contact your building materials provider for details. Please also continue to visit risebuildingproducts.com to learn more about RISE Siding, RISE Trim, companion products, and on-going product updates.

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RISE Trim Colors

RISE trim colors

High Performance Coatings
RISE trim is pre-finished and coated with Sherwin-Williams, or other high-performance coatings, and heat cured in our ovens.