The colors and design of a home are a reflection of the people who live inside.

For decades residential construction professionals have been searching for ways to provide homeowners with the aesthetically pleasing look of wood, but without the increased maintenance time and cost issues wood products require, including:

Cracked siding

The strong, sturdy and impact-resistant quality of RISE protects it from cracking often associated with other more brittle products.

Moisture decay

Moisture decay:
RISE synthetic products will not degrade from moisture, including freeze / thaw conditions, like wood and other products do when put in contact with the ground.

Minimal seams

Minimal seams:
RISE Siding is available in 20' lengths, which minimizes problematic butt joints, and enhances curb appeal.

Some PVC products have certainly met performance standards, but have fallen short on aesthetics, because they look too much like plastic.

Other products, including wood-fiber composites, may have met the aesthetic goals of real wood, however, they have just as clearly been unable to meet long term durability, installation simplicity, and performance requirements.

With the introduction of RISE Siding, and RISE Trim boards, homeowners will experience the aesthetic curb appeal they're looking for from wood, and will also benefit from the high-performance characteristics of synthetic wood products that don't have the negative issues associated with wood and fiber composite siding and exterior trimboards.

RISE Siding colors RISE Siding:

  • Is currently offered in Porcelain White and 7 pre-finished common siding colors (Vertical Wood Grain Finish).
  • Can be installed as a finished product, or painted to meet the color preference of the homeowner.
  • Is available in 20' lengths, making it ideal for long runs with minimal seams, and significantly reducing waste.

RISE trim colorsRISE Trim:

  • Is available in Porcelain White (Vertical Wood Grain Finish)
  • Can be installed as a finished product, or painted to meet the color preference of the homeowner.
  • Is the perfect finishing touch that adds authenticity to every home.
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"A beautiful home is like owning a beautiful painting, except you can live in it."

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